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SubjectIdeas for v2.1 (colour bootup msgs)
On Mon, 17 Jun 1996, John Sullivan wrote:
> In the kernel you make a call like printk(KERN_WARN"<GREEN> foo
> starting\n"), nothing technically needs to handle this. If the final
> logging entity *knows* we are running on a standard on-board vga
> console, in can translate the extra tags into the correct escape
> sequences with little extra cost. You could even customize an xconsole

Oh dear, I supposed I'd better be the one to be first to mention that
we should markup by content, not by appearance. :-)

printk(KERN_WARN,"<KERN PRIORITY=WARN>Foo starting </KERN>");

anyone? :-)

Personally, I think that although colour bootup would be very nice,
it's just too much of an ugly hack to be worth it...

- Colin
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