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SubjectRe: Boot messages (Was: Re: Ideas for v2.1)
"Dwight Hubbard" <> writes:
> > > To bad we can't make Lilo put up a graphical picture like Windows
> > > 95 does. Maybe a nice winter scene with Penguins frolicking in
> > > the
> >
> > You can. What makes you think its hard. Take up thy sources and
> > hack
> Actually I have been archiving all the sugestions to see if I
> couldn't implement the better ones.
> Somehow, I think adding code to lilo to put up a picture is going to
> be a lot less work then the fancy colorized boot messages and tables
> that are being suggested...
> Dwight Hubbard

Why add it to lilo? Why not have a graphics viewer throw up the
screen while your init scripts run? Just put it first in your rc
scripts. Certainly not as nice as the lilo hack, but a lot easier to
implement quickly. You'd still see the kernel messages, but the init
messages would be hidden from the end user.



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