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    SubjectRe: BEWARE! Linux seteuid is broken!
    >As I said before, when I implemented POSIX_SAVED_IDS during the 0.99 (or
    >was it 0.13, I don't remember) days, I implemented true POSIX_SAVED_IDS,
    >and then I implemented setreuid() and seteuid() to be BSD 4.3
    >compatible. The real problem is that BSD 4.4 isn't POSIX_SAVED_IDS
    >compatible, and it's also not BSD 4.3 compatible.
    [complex analysis of various behaviours deleted]


    Let's just implement {s,g}etresuid(), and do the rest with
    compatibility libraries. If the kernel allows arbitrary exchange of
    ruid, euid and suid, it will be possible to implement any Unix' set*uid
    semantics in a library function. We can have the broken POSIX setuid,
    4.3BSD set{e,re,}uid, and 4.4BSD set{e,re,}uid as separate functions in
    libc, and programs could select semantics at compile time by doing
    "#define __BSD43_IDS" etc.


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