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SubjectToshiba CD XM-5301 and AMD53C974 SCSI
Fellow Linuxers,

I dug up the answer to my SCSI CD problem. It was timing out whenever I
did a massive cp from the CD to the SCSI hard disk. I slowed down the
transfer rate for the CD device and it works much better. I used the
following boot parameter: AMD53C974=7,5,4,0. I think the Toshiba
XM-5301TA CD drive has a max. transfer rate of 4.4.

Now mega cp's run fine. But I still have occaisional problems with
massive find's which search the entire CD drive. These operations still
tend to timeout. I guess I'll lower the transfer rate a little more.

Just though I'd share my findings with my Linux friends. If anyone can
tell me the optimum SCSI configuration for the Toshiba XM-5301TA CD
drive on an AM53C974 controller, I'd be a very happer camper.

Scott Miller

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