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Subjectstruct ifnet in struct rtentry in <linux/route.h>
I was attempting to compile rpc-1.00 and had *heaps* of problems, most
of which are directly related to the recent changes in linux-2.0 and
libc... so much of the networking related stuff in the new kernel has
changed that it's made a lot of the older net software a nightmare to

With rpc-1.00 though, I found one problem that I couldn't resolve...

rstat_proc.c: In function `updatestat':
rstat_proc.c:180: storage size of `ifnet' isn't known


% find /usr/include -follow -type f | xargs grep -n ifnet /dev/null
/usr/include/linux/route.h:36: struct ifnet *rt_ifp;

That's all that showed up! Nowhere could I find the actual
declaration of `struct ifnet'.

It's one of the elements of `struct rtentry'. Does this mean that
anything that uses this struct will also bomb out?

Hey, waddaya know... I just did the same grep over my 1.2.13 sources
and it also turned up exactly the same line in the same place. Am I
missing something here?

I'm certainly no expert on this, but it looks as if these structs
haven't existed in linux for a long time (if they ever really did),
yet they are still referred to. I assume that it is either an
oversight for the ommision, or that the declaration for rt_ifp in
`struct rtentry', or even rtentry itself, need to be removed from


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