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SubjectRe: 2.2.0 wishlist
Thomas Koenig ( wrote:

> * Journaling file system


One more:

* standardized SCSI error codes to enable user level programs to
process these and act accordingly. I'm talking about setting up
a High Availability (i.e. redundany using) system, and switching
servers when a SCSI adapter fails needs something like that.

> * physical/logical volume manager (like AIX)

Werner Almesberger's lv.2.tar.gz seems to be something to start with,
but it seems to need some debugging. Both the LVM and the JFS are
definitely needed for a "High Avaiiability" product, as well as MAC
address switiching which has already been done. The LVM, btw. should
support logical volume mirroring (up to 3 copies) to ensure availability.

* With the CPU power of modern P5 and P6 systems, an online
compression for the FS would be nice too. Seems some commercial
OS vendors offer this, and why shouldn't we have it as well?

Just my $0.02.

Harald Milz (

I'm going to live forever, or die trying!
-- Spider Robinson

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