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SubjectRe: more make help
From: Melvin Smith <>
[from Ethan]

>> Ms. Tischler:
>> If you were to read my original post (Fri, 14 Jun 1996 15:59:05),
>> you would find that I apologized for burdening the list with such a
>> trivial problem, and furthermore tried to turn it into a constructive
>> forum for the discussion of how to avoid such postings in the future. Does
>> such resemble the thought of the user who only wants "pretty pictures and
>> totally pre-digested pup where the User is NOT required to think at all."?
>> Such blanket categorizations, particularly when given in the face of such
>> attempted humility, might prod the "pretty picture" lovers from the "great
>> unwashed massed" to categorize certain kernel developers as
>> self-aggrandizing egomaniacs bent on perversely generating their
>> self-esteem (atrophied by their lack of healthy human interaction- sad
>> fact of life). We wouldn't want that now, would we?
>> Ethan
> We've all experienced it Ethan. :)
> The problem is people find they can't resist replying with a clever
> snippet of sarcasm. I also find it interesting that many so-called kernel
> developers I see posting these newbie flames never post otherwise in
> real issues.

Can we get these lusers bounced from the list? I've had the misfortune
to encounter Mark Hahn <>, and I think there
are several others that like to flame people for just being alive...

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