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SubjectRe: lusers on the list
Albert Cahalan said:
> Who is running the list right now? There are at least 3 people
> who have been _really_ abusive over the past week. Telling newbies
> to RTFM is friendly compared to what I've seen this past week.
> (Sometimes lusers just can't help it. Look at this guy's email
> address. I think he's being used for neurological research.
> As Ms. T. and the SBPCD guy, maybe they were drunk.)

it's good that the important Linux people aren't smallminded/petty.

it would be nice, for all of the >1900 readers, if people would
make direct email replies, rather than broadcasting to the list.
for instance, the fdisk /mbr answer is found in lilo documentation...

regards, mark hahn.
operator may differ from spokesperson.

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