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SubjectRe: Linux 2.0.0 fails to return Text File Busy for .so files
On Mon, 17 Jun 1996, Al Longyear wrote:

> If you need to replace a version of a library with a new copy OF THE SAME
> REVISION, then do the following from the root account:
> 1. Copy the new file into the /lib directory UNDER A DIFFERENT NAME,
> such as /lib/new_library_name. Do not attempt to use the same name or
> you will destroy the existing library.
> 2. COPY (DO **NOT** move) the existing library to a different name in
> the directory so that you can get it back if you need to do that.
> 3. Cross your fingers and do the following:
> mv -f /lib/new_library_name /lib/

[ some snips ]

> 4. Run the ldconfig program.

first of all. If you REALLY want to do dangerous moves like that, get
something like sash. Sash is "SAfe SHell", a totally static linked shell
with builtin mv,ls,cd,ln,tar etc.

But to get back on the procedure. Isn't it a lot easier then you describe?
If you have /lib/ and you want to upgrade to version
1.2.4, you can just move it into the same directory and run ldconfig. It
will change the link for you to the newer version. No nasty and dangerous
moving of files needed. If you're still paranoid, you can reboot just to
make sure :)

Paul (Who almost did a make install on the new libc while compiling a new
kernel and decided it wasn't worth the risk ;)

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