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SubjectRe: Bug in 1.2.13 firewall?
Dennis wrote:

> This is a very idealistic view, but the truth of the matter is that we
> live in a highly price sensitive marketplace. We're living in a world
> with price clubs, downsizing, scrimping, 900 number support,
> paid upgrades etc, etc. Everyone wants the cheapest product,
> the free software guys think that all software should be free, its
> nuts.
> We do many software/feature releases in a year, most of our competitors
> do a board driver with no features and thats it. We dont charge extra for
> upgrades, we dont charge extra for support. We're trying to continue
> these policies, but as you can see we get beat up no matter what we do.
> No matter what our policy is, a large group will complain. Which is why
> you need choices. We cant make up policy as we go. The best was to
> support our customers is with a single, loadable object module. Its the
> easiest for us, and the easiest for them. If you need something we
> cant give you, then thats the way it goes.
> Dennis
I don't think you understand "free" software. To some it may mean no
but to most it means "freedom of dependence on others to write what you
need" It means freedom to exchange idea's. Most software concerned with
linux is copyrighted with very specific licenses for distribution
and reuse.
Thank you for supporting Linux you are doing more than what we ask.
But you are doing it in an inferior manner as far as capable
programmers are concerned, as you restrict us from custimizing our use
of your product to our needs. You didn't grant us our independence.

At this time, the users of Linux may not represent a significant market
but realize that most are students and educators who move on to more
significant positions. Meanwhile, as more support groups give up on poor
support services, they look at alternatives. One is available source
code and On staff programmers who respond to their employers priorities.
Not the market. Linux users of today represent one of their employers
most valuable assets of tommorrow.
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