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SubjectRe: aic7xxx, SCSI CD-ROM drives, and Linux 2.0.0
Bryan C. Andregg wrote:
> On Mon, 17 Jun 1996, hab wrote:
> > The main thing I was thinking of is all the updated packages
> > that followed along the kernel development such as GCC, Libc, Modules
> > Pcmcia, PPP. etc. Any way I am having a horrible experience trying to
> > switch
> > to RedHat as my base because my hardware didn't match their 1.2.13
> > configurations . IE mixed drives with ide as root but SCSI as swap
> > a definate winner for swap. Laptop with PCMCIA controller
> > not supported under 1.2.13.
> > The point is I started tracking 1.3... months ago anticipating
> > that 2.0.0 would really mean time for a complete update including
> > many utilities GCC and Libc. I think I'll try a recompile although
> > RedHat was fairly recent.
> > I can't recomend a jump yet until the disributions catch up
> > RedHat claims only 11 packages needed changing but I updated to them
> > and had to immeadiately reinstall modules-2.0.0
> From the discription of your hardware I would be hard pressed to think of
> any distribution that would support your hardware. The issue is, can their
> support help you through the installation. What distribution has packages
> for pcmcia support outside of 1.2.13 right now? Any distribution that does
> is seriously wasting their time as David Hinds pcmcia-cs code (great code
> at that) is so largely kernel dependant.
> With regard to the modules update: I was impressed that they had a modules
> package out so damn quickly. I mean the minute modules-2.0.0 was out so was
> an rpm. If anything they should be supported for this dilegence.
> ----------------------------------
> Bryan C. Andregg [] Linux Kernel Version 2.0.0
> System's Administrator [] Red Hat Software Linux
> Internet Direct Communications [] Tkined, perl/Tk &c.
> ----------------------------------
You missed the point. I have been installing distributions for several
years on this hardware. RedHat may be great for an off the shelf system. And
I am highly interested in it because of RPM and the fact they are the most
current. Yet they are not totally up to date. They are in 5.2... of Libc
where I am in the 5.3... series. The binaries are compiled with GCC 2.7.0
yet they supply GCC 2.7.2. They are moving toward 2.0.0 but are not their
totally. I hope they take a little time revise the total system before they
try another install from CD release. With 2.0.0 it should be possible to
accomadate even my systems. Unfortunately with their install script built
into a custom init. It is very difficult to adapt it to special situations.
I do have it running on both machines but reserve judgement on it as I am not
positive that I have it installed correctly. I have yet to buy their manual
or distribution as I haven't decided that I want to move that far away from
free (of dependence) software. If I had more time I would not use disributions
at all.

Hubert Bahr

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