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SubjectRe: diced kernel
On 16 Jun 96 at 18:03, Roman Gollent wrote:

> Graham Mitchell wrote:
> > Thats maybe the way to do it...... The REAL problem with the size of
> > the kernel sources, isn't the size of the sources themselves. Its the
> > TIME it takes to download 6Mb in one chunk.... As the net becomes
> I heartily encourage you to download and apply kernel patches instead
> of downloading 6mb files. There's a reason why Linus makes them
> available and it has very little to do with his health.

I always do pull the patches and update that way..... However, I also
pull the ful kernel every 10 releases or so, just to make sure i
catch any problems.

The world isnt run by weapons any more, or energy or money
Its run by little 1s and 0s, little bits of data
Its all just electrons

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