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SubjectRe: more make help

On Mon, 17 Jun 1996, Benjamin C. Craft wrote:

> Personally, I would like to see Changes broken into several files or some
> portions of its present contents replicated in additional files. A README
> at the top level is a common stardard of sorts. BUT, if the upgrade is
> going to break something as significant as SENDMAIL, I would like to see
> a file named something like DANGER at the top level.
> ben.
Hmm.. strangly enough, sendmail never broke for me. But then again,
nethier did DOSemu, and I'm running v.60.

The real problem with this suggestion is that on some systems everything
breaks in an upgrade, while in others, very few programs break.

I have not had to rebuild anything that was not listed in the 1.3.100
Changes file. That was the last time I looked, so I don't know whats
broken now. I did recompile PINE but that was just to get rid of the
broken flock() warnings.

there is no one general solution, I would suggest a make checkconfig or
something that would check to see if a user has the nessecery files for
the new kernel, but I would only suggest checking for things that are
imperative to keep the system running. If I was you, I would worry about
wether the system will come up the next time you reboot. Once you have a
working kernel, then you can track down userlevel problems.

Robert Drake

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