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SubjectRe: more make help
On Sun, 16 Jun 1996, Kevin M Bealer wrote:

> On Sun, 16 Jun 1996, Graham Mitchell wrote:
> > On 15 Jun 96 at 10:28, Mark E. Levitt wrote:
> (clip)
> > Maybe we should alter the Makefile so that the compile would fail
> > unless the last line of the Changes file is something along the lines
> > of 'I have read and understood the contents of the changes file' Then
> > again, would even that make people read the file.....?

Please watch your quoting. You clipped out everything I wrote but left
in the reference so it looks, at a glance, like I wrote the above
paragraph. I didn't, and I don't agree with it.
> I said "oh a changelog file" and started reading it. When I got through all
> the warnings about system compatibility, I was --surprised-- to find there
> was no changes listed at the bottom.. Then I realized I was mistaken,
> read-not-skimmed the intro, and continued.

Yes, I suspect this is problem. Is there any reason not to change the
file to something more indicative, or at least to "README"? Hoe about
"READ_THIS_OR_WE'LL_SHOOT_YOUR_PUPPY"? (This last one is a joke, for the
humor impaired :)


Mark E. Levitt
Department of Speech Communication, Syracuse University
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