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SubjectRe: Pruning the tree
>On Mon, 17 Jun 1996, Johnie Stafford wrote:
>> >> I think a reduction of over 20% and close to 1.1 MB is a major
>> >> difference and certainly worth "the trouble," especially when we think
>> >> of the future. What happens when we add more ports. What about porting
>> >> to IBM Mainframes!
>> mh> 1.1 MB is peanuts! we're talking a measly 5 minutes of download,
>> This assumes that we all have T1 links. It took me about an hour and a
>> half to download the new source the other night.
>Then download the patch....... even with a 14.4 modem it will take you on
>average not more then 1.5 minutes to download it.
>I really think the idea of putting out the full source only every 5 to 10
>versions is a good one.

On our mirror site we keep full copies of everything less than a month
old. If it's older than a month then we keep every fifth one. We keep
all the patches online so you can rebuild the interviening ones.


Jeff Voskamp
Jeff Voskamp Math Faculty Computing Facility University of Waterloo
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