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"Still don't know what I was waiting for"
--D. Bowie

I have a suggestion for the Changes file. The kernel dependency
information at the top of the file should be moved to the top of the
installation section of the main README file. The top-level README is
much more visible, and the installation section is the first place
newbies (like me) will look.

The kernel dependency information is best expressed as a parent-child
relationship, with some kind of diagram or chart. This way we can see
not only which programs need to be in place, we can also see any
temporal dependencies (e.g., part A must be installed before part B).

Personal note: Please try to keep in mind that most programmers, like
me, are not kernel hackers. We need you folks to point us in the right
direction when we start rebuilding kernels. We're trying to work with
you to make the world safe for Linux (or is it vice-versa?) Please be
patient with us. (Read: keep the flame to a bare minimum.)

Scott Miller

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