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SubjectRe: aic7xxx, SCSI CD-ROM drives, and Linux 2.0.0
David Sugar wrote:
> ----------
> From: hab[]
> Sent: Saturday, June 15, 1996 11:45 PM
> To: David Sugar
> Subject: Re: aic7xxx, SCSI CD-ROM drives, and Linux 2.0.0
> David Sugar wrote:
> >
> > That was it! I just made the BIOS settings match what Linux auto-detected, and it's worked fine :).
> Good
> I went back over my logs and couldn't see anything but
> that since I let each of the peripherals initiate the sync negotiation
> And You had to be reading the boot drive somehow unless you booted
> from floppy to even get to messages
> Now watch for the other 2.0.0 gotcha's
> unless you've already upgraded libc etc.
> Good Luck Hubert
> ---
> Well, I kept away from mandatory locking. What else lurks out there? :)
The main thing I was thinking of is all the updated packages
that followed along the kernel development such as GCC, Libc, Modules
Pcmcia, PPP. etc. Any way I am having a horrible experience trying to
to RedHat as my base because my hardware didn't match their 1.2.13
configurations . IE mixed drives with ide as root but SCSI as swap
a definate winner for swap. Laptop with PCMCIA controller
not supported under 1.2.13.
The point is I started tracking 1.3... months ago anticipating
that 2.0.0 would really mean time for a complete update including
many utilities GCC and Libc. I think I'll try a recompile although
RedHat was fairly recent.
I can't recomend a jump yet until the disributions catch up
RedHat claims only 11 packages needed changing but I updated to them
and had to immeadiately reinstall modules-2.0.0

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