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SubjectRe: smbmount (ksmbfs-3.0) problem + patch
> mount error: Invalid argument
> Maybe you should try to type the username and
> password in UPPERCASE.

I see this error even with long filenames configured in but if I persist
(keep trying the same command over and over) the smbmount call eventually

I am running 2.0.0 with smbfs as a module and just built smbmount today.
My target server is running WfW 3.11.

I am seeing very similar symptoms when I try to access this server using
Andrew's smbclient with the -L option.

Both smbclient and smbmount seem to work about one time in three or four.

Have you found a solution yet?

Cheers and thanks,

Stephen Davies Consulting
Adelaide, South Australia. Voice: 61-8-2728863
Computing & Network solutions. Fax : 61-8-2741015

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