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SubjectRe: Pruning the tree
On Mon, 17 Jun 1996, Johnie Stafford wrote:
> >> I think a reduction of over 20% and close to 1.1 MB is a major
> >> difference and certainly worth "the trouble," especially when we think
> >> of the future. What happens when we add more ports. What about porting
> >> to IBM Mainframes!
> mh> 1.1 MB is peanuts! we're talking a measly 5 minutes of download,
> This assumes that we all have T1 links. It took me about an hour and a
> half to download the new source the other night.

Then download the patch....... even with a 14.4 modem it will take you on
average not more then 1.5 minutes to download it.

I really think the idea of putting out the full source only every 5 to 10
versions is a good one.


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"Linux was made by foreign terrorists to take money from true US
companies like Microsoft." -- Some AOL'er.
"Maybe you should telephone the Internet and talk to their tech
support people."
(Reply from an AOL tech-support rep speaking to a customer complaining
about e-mail that failed to go through.)
(SOURCE: Internet World, February 1995, p. 18)

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