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SubjectRe: Resource limit test in binfmt_elf
Michael Meskes wrote:
> +
> + /* MM: Check if we extend resource limits */
> + /* Check proposed by Richard Henderson <> */
> + rlim = current->rlim[RLIMIT_DATA].rlim_cur;
> + if (rlim >= RLIM_INFINITY)
> + rlim = ~0;
> + elf_ppnt = elf_phdata;
> + datasize = 0;
> + for(i=0;i < elf_ex.e_phnum; i++){
> + if(elf_ppnt->p_flags & PF_W) {

It doesn't seem like a really good idea to try and distinguish between
the various parts of an ELF file. The settings in the phdrs are only
advisory initial conditions: it would be easy to make a program which
had a large array in the "read-only" text section, which it makes
writable with mprotect(). The distinction between different parts of
a process address space are arbitary and have no real meaning except
by convention; there's no way to make hard and fast policy descisions
on that basis (that is, the distinction between "text usage" and "data
usage" is meaningless; there's only memory usage).

On the other hand, it should be OK as an early heuristic. However,
do_wp_page() should check the memory limit when it adds a new page
to the process address space.


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