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SubjectRe: Ideas for v2.1
On Mon, 17 Jun 1996, J. Sean Connell wrote:

> > inet-acct-user-0.3 impressed me greatly, and the author of this said he
> > will be releasing a new patch relative to 2.0 sometime...
> *Eek*. I've already done that, I needed to do it for a client of ours.
> And let me tell you, hacking a 1.2.8 patch into 2.0.0 wasn't much fun :)

Hmm yes, joy isn't it.

> If you'd like a copy of the patch (or you'd like to yell at me for hacking
> and not sharing :), just drop me an email at (please
> don't use the address for Linux stuff).


I'd love a copy of this patch to take a look over. Feel free to give me a
net address for it, url, or mail it to me. Alternatively, and probably
better, upload it to, so I can make it
available to others. Unless of course the patch is in the class "a gross
hack I did myself and am semi-ashamed of". I know the type!

If done well, I'd love to see this patch in 2.1.x development.


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