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SubjectRe: make
>> Ever tried removing /lib/* with the hope of installing the new 
>> ones? (** Please DON'T try it! None of your binaries will work after
>> that unless you reboot from different drive and fix the symlinks **)
>> Please don't think in terms of DOS .EXEs. Do a man on for
>> further details. The issue is deeper than just mere variables.
>Hmm, I've done that, it was a very bad experance. You should be able to
>fix it with ldconfig tho, it's staticly linked (or should be, mine is),
>not that I'm going to try it to see ;)

What's really painful is cp'ing a new version of libc with the same
major number on top of the old one. (Don't ask...) If a cron job
starts up at the same time, WHAM! instant crash.

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