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SubjectRe: ps2 mouse xf86config
On Sun, 16 Jun 1996, joe wrote:

> could someone help me out I can't get xwindows to start due to fact that
> it can't find my mouse. It tells me there is no dev/mouse or no dev/psaux
> it is a ps2 with a microsoft driver on IRQ 12 I'm lost I have loaded all
> the diffrent drivers and get the same thing every time.
> send comments to thanks

You need to have the psaux driver in your kernel (built in, or as a
module), look in /proc/interupts for the 'PS/2 Mouse' at 12, or in
/proc/devices for '10 misc' (that's device major number 10, not interupt
10), tho misc covers other things too.

If you've got it listed in /proc/interupts you may want to check that
/dev/psaux is setup right, it should be:
ls -l /dev/psaux
crw-rw-r-- 1 root root 10, 1 Jun 16 13:04 /dev/psaux

if it's not, as root do:
rm /dev/psaux
mknod --mode=664 /dev/psaux c 10 1

If the device file's ok, but the proc stuff isn't, and you built your
kernel, you have to say yes to the "Mouse support (not serial mice)
(CONFIG_MOUSE)" config option (in make config ;), the either y, or m to
"PS/2 mouse (aka "auxiliary device") support (CONFIG_PSMOUSE)", then
proberbly no to the TI Travelmate question, it's a variant (yes if that's
what you have ;).

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