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SubjectRe: Sparc disk and UFS
In article <>,
Andrew C. Esh <> wrote:
>I just searched arch/sparc, arch/i386, fs, and fs/ufs, and I found no
>references to CONFIG_SUN_PARTITION. I saw quite a few CONFIG_SUN tags,
>all under the arch/sparc directory, but none having to do with partitions.
>Anyway I am thinking I may have been misunderstood. Down the road I
>may want to read my Sparc disks on a Sparc, but right now I'd like to
>read them on my SCSI PC. I answered yes to all disklabel questions
>presented to me in my i486 architecture build of my current 2.0.0
>kernel. That's the kernel which can't read the Sparc disks.
>So, I am beginning to think this has not been done (?).

Hmm, from my linux/fs/

tristate 'UFS filesystem support (read only)' CONFIG_UFS_FS
if [ "$CONFIG_UFS_FS" != "n" ]; then
bool 'BSD disklabel (FreeBSD partition tables) support' CONFIG_BSD_DISKLABEL
bool 'SMD disklabel (Sun partition tables) support' CONFIG_SMD_DISKLABEL

So if you turn on UFS file system support it will also ask
you for BSD and SMD (==Sun) partition table support.

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