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SubjectRe: re: diced kernel
In <Pine.LNX.3.93.960616012127.347F-100000@brando> Kevin M Bealer <> says

> > --
> > What is it about the Internet that allows people to ignore simple courtesy
> > right up until the moment when they sign their letter, `regards' or
> > `friendly greetings'? I think it's something in the water....
> Looks like a classic case of having to read the same questions.. over .. and
> over ... Isn't this being discussed in __several__ other threads?

When I was a lad I was taught that I was given two ears and one mouth so
that I should listen twice before I spoke once. Made a lot of sense
through the years.

But these days people seem to figure that since they were given ten
fingers and two eyes, they should type five times before they read once.


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