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SubjectncrBsd2Linux-1.11 available

ncrBsd2Linux 1.11 is available at the following location:

- /pub/Linux/Incoming/ncrBsd2Linux-1.11-src.tar.gz

(I did'nt see "pub/incoming" at tsx-11)

FreeBSD NCR53C8XX SCSI driver adapted to Linux
Fast, Wide, Tagged Queue, Parity support

Primary-site: /pub/linux/ALPHA/scsi

Alternate-site: /pub/Linux/kernel/patches/scsi

Release notes:

New features using the proc file system have been added.

1 - Profile data support
The command "cat /proc/scsi/ncr53c8xx/0 now displays something
like the following messages:

General informations:
Chip NCR53C810, device id 0x1, revision id 0x2
IO port address 0x6000, IRQ number 10
Using memory mapped IO at virtual address 0x281a000
Profiling informations:
num_trans = 149854
num_kbytes = 918325
num_disc = 190661
num_break = 1550
num_int = 1569
num_fly = 149889
ms_setup = 26780
ms_data = 673380
ms_disc = 1413580
ms_post = 9210

2 - Control commands

Commands can be sent to the driver by writing to the proc device associated
with each controller (echo "<verb> <parameters>" >/proc/scsi/ncr53c8xx/0).

Summary of commands:
Set minimum synchronous period
Set wide size
Set maximum number of concurrent tagged commands
Set order type for tagged command
Set debug mode

3 - New README file

The README file has been rewritten, here is the table of contents:

1. Introduction
2. Supported chips and SCSI features
3. Summary of other supported features
4. Memory mapped IO versus normal IO
5. Tagged command queueing
6. Parity checking
7. Profiling information
8. Control commands
8.1 Set minimum synchronous period
8.2 Set wide size
8.3 Set maximum number of concurrent tagged commands
8.4 Set order type for tagged command
8.5 Set debug mode
9. Configuration parameters
10. Some constants and flags of the ncr53c8xx.h header file
11. Provided files
12. Installation procedure for Linux version 1
13. Installation procedure for Linux version 2
14. Control commands under linux-1.2.13
15. Known problems
15.1 Tagged commands with Iomega Jaz device

I am not a native speaker of English and there is probably lots of
mistakes in the README file.
Any help would be welcome.
Thanks per advance.


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