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Subjectre: diced kernel
On 15 Jun 96 at 10:57, Albert Cahalan wrote:

> Better yet, have a make target (maybe related to 'make dep') that
> downloads the files you need individually.

Thats maybe the way to do it...... The REAL problem with the size of
the kernel sources, isn't the size of the sources themselves. Its the
TIME it takes to download 6Mb in one chunk.... As the net becomes
more and more congested, and more and more folks transfer speeds slow
down to 1K/s on a 28k8 line, it gets more and more difficult to pull
the sources in one go. Being able to possibly spread it over a
couple of nights would be a great help to some I think.

The world isnt run by weapons any more, or energy or money
Its run by little 1s and 0s, little bits of data
Its all just electrons

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