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SubjectRe: more make help
On Sat, 15 Jun 1996, Lauri Tischler wrote:

> Anno Domini 15 Jun 96 at 10:28, Mark E. Levitt wrote:
> > Should the file be named something else? Is "Changes" too obscure?
> > Should it be in the top level directory?
> Mark, you don't get the point. People dont want to read, it's too
> difficult. What they want is pretty pictures and totally pre-digested
> pup where the User is NOT required to think at all.
> That's why Win95 is so popular, and that's also why Linux will newer
> make it to the great unwashed massed, sad fact of life...
> Cheers.. Lauri..
Well, I agree that there is always going to be some percentage of
users who don't want to read the documentation. On the other hand, there
is always some percentage of users who read all the documentation before
doing anything.
What I'm saying is what do we do with those in the middle. Those
people who would read the docs if it was obvious that the answer was in
them. Frankly, without knowing any better, I might, at first glance,
think the file /usr/src/linux/Documentation/Changes was a long list of
technical details about changes in the inner workings of the kernel.
Sure, there is somewhat of an attitude problem that we may not be able to
fix. i.e. that some people tend to run into a problem and immediatly turn
to ask for a solution, rather than investigate on their own. This we may
only hope to change by gentle hints as to the right way to proceed.

However, I think it is also beneficial to wonder about the reasons
people miss the answers in the documentation already provided. You
right, some are lazy, but I can't believe that exaplains it all...


Mark E. Levitt
Department of Speech Communication, Syracuse University
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