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SubjectRe: Tux The Penguin Is Gonna Get Medieval On Yo' Ass =)
>>>>> "DB" == Dave Baker <> writes:

>> ud$$be.
>> .$$$$$$$??Tb
>> .$$$$$$$$!:!S$
>> J$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
>> $B**?$$$"^"!$$$
>> $ . `$$ . ^$$$F
>> 4 $: @U $Nr $$$F
>> 4k'!!!!!!T.x$$$F
>> 4!!!!!!!!!!!$$$$
>> 4P!!!!X!!!!"$>"$r
>> :F `!!!!~ 4$ud$
>> :R" t$$$B
>>Now lests all put this in our sig files and post to the FreeBSD lists
>>alot =)

DB>I wouldn't normally leap into something such as this, but am I the
DB>only one who finds all this penguin stuff rather rediculous, even
DB>bordering on immature?

When Linux becomes a mature OS...

DB>I must admit to not having had time to read this list as thoroughly
DB>as maybe I would have liked over the last week or so, but I did find
DB>it distressing that "TUX" was so fanatically accepted ... am I (surely
DB>not!) the only one to spell Linus' surname with an 'a' and not an 'o'?
DB>Am I the only one who finds the possessive distressing? Yes, Linus did
DB>start the ball rolling and I'd be the first to be amazed at all he has
DB>done over the years to make linux what it is today ... but is it HIS? I
DB>would like to think not, and thus find "Torvolds UniX" <sic> rather

Hardly, Linus has been the coordinating force behind what woudl
probably be one of the larger distributed programming
efforts. Basically he managed something that IBM's staffers couldn't
in a million years (so who is really surprised here)


DB>dave baker

You're not! I hold that you're one of RMS' nyms...

ps. In honour of the above, I nominate this month, the month of
release of Linux 2 as the "Mythical Penguin Month"

Packrat (BSc/BE;COSO;Wombat Implementor)
Nihil illegitemi carborvndvm.

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