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SubjectRe: 2.2.0 wishlist (Alan Cox) writes:

>The lowest level work to enable us to sidestep some of the deadlock cases
>for this is ready for 2.0. We may manage this in 2.1. However I'd buy a disk
>they are so cheap NFS swapping is a bad plan.

This definitely has its benefits but then again there are situations
where you don't want to have any moving parts in a computer (e.g. in
a very dusty environment or a high availability system or if you just
want to have a _quiet_ office ;-) ). And of course there are those
cheap and very cute SPARCstation SLC and ELC where you don't want to
destroy their grace and quietness with a shoebox doing the 'whirrrrr'
sound. ;-)

So I would be happy to see NFS swap support but I can go on without


Henning Schmiedehausen ...side by side in orbit... around a fairer SUN.

In accordance with the normal UNIX design philosophy nuke(8) does not
prevent you from nuking yourself. -- nuke(8) manpage

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