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SubjectRe: make
Anders Broberg wrote:
> On Fri, 14 Jun 1996, Mait Mandel wrote:
> > For the last two days I get the error:
> > make: *** No rule to make target '../(whatever)/..' . Stop.
> > or make: *** No targets and makefile found. Stop.
> > Although there is a Makefile in the directory and there are targets (all:
> > , install: , whatever else) in the Makefile.
> Try updating your "make" to a more recent version. I experienced the same
> problem when i upgraded the kernel, but make-3.74-elf-libc-5 worked a lot
> better than the old one.
> Maybe someone could explain what made the old "make" stop working?

Extract from the file release.libc-5.2.18 by H.J. <>
found on sunsite and other mirrors (if anyone has bothered to do some basic
"read-before-you-install" kinda thing!)

------------ begin release.libc-5.2.18 ----------------

The structure DIR, defined in sysdeps/linux/dirstream.h, was changed in
release 5.2.0. If you upgrade from release 5.1.4 or earlier to release
5.2.0 or later, you must reboot after installing the new libraries. If
you compile your own library, *do not* "make install". Instead, copy the
new* to /lib, do "ldconfig -v", reboot, then do "make install"

A dirent bug, which erroneously defined d->reclen to d->namlen if USE_GNU
was defined, has been fixed. Unfortunately, some GNU packages depend on
this bug. GNU make 3.xx is one of them. A patch is included here.
Please recompile GNU make before installing this library. Otherwise
you have to use "make -f Makefile" to specify which Makefile to
use when rebuilding GNU make.

A back door has been added for the file descriptor in DIR. You need to
define DIRENT_ILLEGAL_ACCESS to access the dd_fd field. You should use
dirfd () to get the the file descriptor in DIR. Use this at your own

------------- end release.libc-5.2.18 --------------------

Look for "make-dirent-patch" (or something like that) in the GCC
subdirectory of sunsite (or mirrors). I believe there is also a patched ELF

Hope this helps.
Samuel Koods
Cimarron Network Services

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