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SubjectRe: 2.2.0 wishlist
> from  We may have a problem because it needs DES,
> but then our standard libc already contains DES code so most Linux
> distributors are already "international arms dealers" anyway :-).

US citizens cannot use it anyway due to patents. Secure NFS for all
but the US is not a problem.

> - the ext2 filesystem is quite good at recovering from crashes,
> but it could be made even better (and probably only slightly
> slower) by always syncing dirty buffers to disk in the right
> order. For example, write data blocks, then indirect blocks
> pointing to them, then inode blocks pointing to the data or
> indirect blocks. This way the filesystem on disk would stay
> consistent all the time.

Erm.. 1. A lot slower 2. Write ordering also has US patent issues (couldnt
you guys just all move country)

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