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Subjectsplit kernel (Re: <none>)
On Fri, 14 Jun 1996, Andrew C. Esh wrote:

> The script to split the main source tree into the different
> architecture .tar.gz files is trivial. I wouldn't mind switching into
> one extra directory and picking the linux-i386.tar.gz file from among
> the Sparc, HP, SGI, Mac, Alpha, AS400, Cray, and other files, especially
> if it means I only have to download a couple of megs, instead of 8 or 10.
> What do you think?
Did you ever run 'du' in /usr/src/linux? The arch-specific files are
around 20-25%, so splitting by arch would'nt make the kernel tar-file
much smaller. And you run in big trouble with the patches...

I say: NO!


BTW: The biggest part is the 'drivers' subdirectory (around 50%), and
splitting this in a somewhat useful way is nearly impossible,
becauce everyone needs a few files from every subdirectory.

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