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SubjectRe: Mysterious hang in 2.0.0 - possibly Triton II?
Hi folks,
Many thanks to thise of you that replied to my post. I've done
some more investigating (takes time you know :-) and unfortunately the
hang is still there.
I have narrowed down some of the original symptoms (and I'm
keeping detailed written logs of all changes!).
There have been occasions re-booting into 2.0.0 after a crash
that it hasn't got past the fsck, with the HD light off, but I'm
discounting those. All other times, the HD light is on when it locks up.
Most of the times since I last wrote, the lock-ups have been during
active use, with screen on. (Active use means me sitting in front of it
doing things like reading mail rather than heavy load like compiling.)
The APM BIOS options were disabled in the original case (and
subsequently). I further changed "PM control by APM" from Yes to No. This
made no difference.
Compiling with no APM support compiled into the kernel had no
effect. Crashes are no coming anything from < 1 min after booting to 30
mins after booting under light use. (Or as before to being left overnight
and taking > 5 hours to show).
I have an NE2000 clone in the system, and the support for this
was as an unloaded module. (No kerneld). I recompiled with NE2000 support
built in, with no effect.
Upon lock-up, the keyboard does nothing (obvious!), but I cannot
telnet in over ethernet either. (Haven't tried a serial terminal, but I
suspect that'll be the same.)
My next steps will be: Compile without Triton II support, remove
NE2000 card completely, borrow a temperature logger from work, give up!

As far as other people's suggestions go:
Jacques Gelinas has been running with Triton II support quite happily.
Lauri Tischler suggested I turn off APM in BIOS setup (see above)
Mark Lord suggested I recompile without APM BIOS support (see above)
Martin Dalecki blamed the vesa_blank code (I haven't investigated this).
Chris Palmer suggested the CPU fan.
I have been running 1.3.100 on this box (without Triton II support, but
with everything else) quite happily, and can work on it, and leave it on
for hours (days!) with no ill effects. I hope that it isn't the CPU!

Many thanks for all your help, and any more suggestions please.


P.S. Many thanks also especially to Linus, for making this all possible.
I really appreciate being able to use and work on something as absorbing
and worthwhile as Linux.

Peter Denison <>
Currently (still) working on a driver for Promise cards under Linux.

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