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SubjectRe: Ideas for v2.1

In article <> you write:
>> In article <> you write:
>> >> > driver in full working order. So can't we just replace "Ok.\n" with
>> >> > "\r\e[K", which will wipe the message off the screen *if* the test
>> >> > is successful.
>What's the use of the messages if you don't have a chance to read them?

If you read the rest of this thread, you will find that most of the
time this message is pretty irrelevant anyway. The only time you
really need to read it is when the machine dies *during* the test that
prints the message. If the test succeeds, you can *then* erase the
message. If the test fails for some reason, you will never be able to
print the erase sequence since the machine will have locked.

If you actually want to see all the messages (this turns out to be
useful in a patch I am preparing, since it relies on the boot sequence
taking a certain amount of time otherwise the operator won't notice
it, and on my machine it would zip by too fast), then just don't touch
any patches which do this. Same for colourization (which I'm not too
keen on myself, but with the right implementation you can easily
choose you own, more tasteful, colour scheme). Lots of people
obviously *do* want this though.


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