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SubjectRe: Tux The Penguin Is Gonna Get Medieval On Yo' Ass =)
On Fri, 14 Jun 1996, Dave Baker wrote:

> I wouldn't normally leap into something such as this, but am I the
> only one who finds all this penguin stuff rather rediculous, even
> bordering on immature?

try ``fun''. fun is why linux does as well as it does. it's fun, always
has been, always will be. take the fun out of linux, and you might as
well switch OSs. there certainly are plenty of stick-in-the-mud OS's out
there, but not so many fun ones.

> Am I the only one who finds the possessive distressing? Yes, Linus did
> start the ball rolling and I'd be the first to be amazed at all he has
> done over the years to make linux what it is today ... but is it HIS? I
> would like to think not, and thus find "Torvolds UniX" <sic> rather
> inappropriate.

oh pshaw. without Linus none of this would have happened, and while he's
really only part of it, he's been what keeps it all together. he's
probably also the only person in the world who could keep up with the
amount of mail he does, make coherent replies to it, and still manage an
average of around 3 snapshots a week.

> Finally, I wonder at the attitude of "lets spam freeBSD" - should the
> linux community treat them more as a sibling than an enemy? I know this
> comes up time and time again, but maybe if it's mentioned time and time
> again then one day people will get the message ...

it's just for fun. there is a healthy competition between linux and *BSD.

> But, hey, maybe I just had too much caffeine?

probably. i think you were supposed to snicker at (then delete) the
origional message.

Why Linux? source code. POSIX. tcpip. job control. support from the authors.
drivers for most hardware. because one terminal or process is never enough.
forget the other O/Ss, i use Linux- the choice of a gnu generation.

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