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SubjectRe: 2.2.0 wishlist
>                            WISHLIST FOR LINUX 2.2.0
> * Making the boot process less verbose as an option

Compile time option perhaps.

> * Colorizing the boot-up display

Yeah, lets put pink frills on the edges of the monitor too :-)

> * Make the system embeddable

Already underway. Check out the ongoing port of Linux to the 8086.

> * Journaling file system

Yes, this WOULD be nice. Anyone working on this? How about as a loop
filesystem extension, so you e.g. mount ext2fs/minix/etc on top of a jfs

> * Undelete command

This doesn't belong in kernel space.

> * 32-bit minor/major device numbers

How about planning on supporting the upcoming 64 bit POSIX API?

> * STREAM support

I thought this could be done in user-land, and didnt have to have kernel
space support. (I seem to remember a shared lib implementation of this).

> * Moving of all the relevent README files into the Documention
> directory

Or symbolic links at least :-)

> * Ability to change the scheduler at runtime, via loading a module

I thought the scheduler could be changed per-program. With the POSIX.4 stuff.

> * physical/logical volume manager (like AIX)

Does 'MD' fit the bill?

> * Serial console support

Someone has already done this.


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