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SubjectRe: mount
In you write:

: In a much earlier Linux-release I used to have (Yggdrasil, I think), "mount"
: didnt have to be told what fs-type it was to mount:

: When typing the command "mount /dev/hda2 /mnt", mount itself figured out
: what type of fs /dev/hda1 was initialized with.

: In my present Slack-release, "mount" has to be told with the
: "-t<fs>" option.

: Is there any (good) reason why the auto-probing has disappeared ?

It has not disappeared.
(And this has nothing to do with the kernel.
And if you have mount problems, give the mount version -
`mount from my present Slackware release' doesn't say anything.)

The latest mount version can be found in

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