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SubjectRe: floppy.c and gcc 2.7.2p

"Jeffery S. Coy Jr." writes:
-> On Thu, 13 Jun 1996, Adrian Portelli wrote:
-> > Does anyone know how to get Linux 2 compiling with gcc 2.7.2p ? I
-> > have been trying to get this happening since about 1.3.8x but have
-> > had no luck. It keeps on coming up with:
-> >
-> > cpp: output pipe has been closed
-> > gcc: Internal compiler error: program cc1 got fatal signal 11
-> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
-> the infamous signal 11 problem. if you are getting these, check out

No, this is NOT an 'infamous sig 11' type sig 11. This is a gcc
2.7.2p problem, and has been reported by many, many people using
gcc2.7.2p to try to compile floppy.c. The 2 identified workarounds

1) compile floppy.c by hand, substituting -O for -O2 in the compile


2) use vanilla gcc 2.7.2 instaed of 2.7.2p

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-- Dennis Ritchie

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