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SubjectRe: 2.2.0 wishlist
Gokhan UNEL wrote :
> It would be great if we have Linux as a
> REAL TIME operating system. Then, we would
> prefer to have Linux instead of LynxOs in our
> Data AcQusition system.

For a own project I wrote a shadow of this in the kernel of Linux
1.1.19. Modify schedule() to support basic REAL TIME isn't very hard.
BUT a clean real time system must support data and process recovering if
the system crash.

1) All Linux must be realtime ?

If yes, who specified range time for deamons, fork calls, or user
apps ?

2) Only some process must be realtime.

I think it's better.
But in this case there are some problemes with XWindow, for instance
when you move the mouse, the cursor must not do 'bounds' because a
realtime process has CPU during your moving.
So, XWindow real time ? cf remarks from 1) !!!

Stephane Corbe
CIT (Chiba), ENSMP (Paris), UVSQ (Versailles)

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