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SubjectSCSI Woes
Hi again!

I followed everyone's wonderful advice and read all the faqs and howtos
which everyone so cheerfully pointed me towards and I upgraded to all of
the versions in Documentation/Changes file. Thanks very much.

I'm still getting the same SCSI CD error that I've been getting ever
since I installed the Slackware distribution many moons ago. (1 moon =
1 kernel release.) It happens only when I'm attempting MONGO copies or
finds on the CD. The CD spins down, then:

scsi0: AM53C974_abort called -- trouble starts!

followed by a register dump. Once I almost lost my hard drive because I
was copying to it when the error happened. Yikes!

I am running Linux 1.3.100, and all of the latest and greatest in the
Changes file. I have a Toshiba CD-ROM XM-5301TA, on an HP Vectra XU
5/120c. The AM53C974 host is integrated onto the motherboard.

Also, is 7.5M big for an uncompressed, running kernel? When I first
login as root, before I fire up X or anything else, free tells me that
over 7M are being used. I only have 16M total. Is this excessive?

Scott Miller

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