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Subjectmore make help
I too get make errors indicating that my "make" cannot find/recognize
previously recognized makefiles (e.g. make: *** No targets specified and
no makefile found. Stop."). I've run all the dev kernels since about
1.3.50 (except 5 or so I couldn't get to compile), but after seeing Mike's
nice page at, I decided to do some (perhaps unnecessary)
updating. The problem began after I updated several things (in one fell
swoop- so I don't know which is the culprit- though I suspect libc),
using the packages pointed to from Mike's page:
binutils-, gcc-2.7.2,, libc-5.2.18, libg++- I
then tried installing make-3.74- to no avail. I'm guessing the resolution
to this problem might appear quite trivial to an experienced, linux savvy
programmer (an absent symlink?)- Sorry.. But the moral of the story
highlights the need for a frequently updated FAQ covering "recent"
bugs/problems (I STILL see folks asking about the ps -aux floating point
exception!). Ethan

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