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SubjectRe: network drivers and user interface

Thomas Sailer <> writes:
>- network device drivers in userland: is there a better way to feed
> packets into/out of the kernel to a userland network driver than
> converting the packets to SLIP and feeding them into a pty?
> I have some DSP boards which could be used as ham radio modems easily
> with a driver in userland...

I don't think any other solution is likely to be any more efficient.
SLIP encapsulation takes about 20-30 lines of code if I remeber
correctly, and you're going to have to cross the kernel/user
boundary no matter what you do here.

>- the other way round: is there an interface that allows me to get
> every packet in raw form of a single network driver? I know the
> SOCK_PACKET stuff, but there I get every packet of the specified type
> from every interface, and I have to filter the packets myself, and this
> will sure hurt performance if I'm only interested in a slow interface
> whereas other interfaces are very active...

In the 2.0 kernel you can bind the socket to a particular interface so you
only receive packets for the one you are interested in. I do this in the
diald code to avoid getting all the packets for interfaces I don't care about.

-- eric

Eric Schenk www:
Department of Computer Science email:
University of Toronto

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