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SubjectRe: your mail

> |> Good point because you usually don't have the appropriate psdatabase
> |> at hand when booting an old kernel. Makes eg "ps axl" a mess.
> |>
> Wouldn't it make sense to re-build the psdatabase on reboot ?
> I know at least one OS that is doing exactly this...

You can only rebuild the psdatabase if you still have the vmlinux executable
of the kernel build. One usually doesn't for an old kernel ...

> |> My board wouldn't ever boot, just wait for F1 to be pressed ...
> |>
> You won't have any chance to wrestle down your POST BIOS.
> Either you find the hidden switch in the BIOS (CMOS ?) code -
> or you'll have to live with it. Perhaps someone should design a small
> keyboard replacement plug. How much electronics would this take ?

These things exist. Unfortuneately the last one I saw was more expensive
than a cheap keyboard ...


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