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SubjectRe: make
>>>>> "J" == James M Cassidy <> writes:

>> Extract from the file release.libc-5.2.18 by
>> H.J. <> found on sunsite and other mirrors (if
>> anyone has bothered to do some basic "read-before-you-install"
>> kinda thing!)

J> Well for your information I did read the release notes. I did
J> recompile make and I STILL have the problem with the new excutable.

Did you apply the patch in the release notes and then recompile? And
make sure you're using the new version? If you did, and it doesn't
work, you did it wrong. Following those directions fixes the make
problem. End of story.

J> Not too mention the little probablem their talking about should
J> cause any problems with the old executables.

Wrong. ldd oldmake will show that it's linking with the new libc.
That invokes the problem, because the new libc expects correct
behavior, where the old make expects incorrect behavior.

Alan Shutko <> - The Few, the Proud, the Remaining.
Sit-stand-kneel; sit-kneel-stand -- Sun am exercise time!

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