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SubjectRe: Serious fat + ramdisk/loopback bug
In <> H. Peter Anvin writes:
> There seems to be a bad interaction between the FAT filesystem driver
> and the ramdisk/loopback drivers. This presumably indicates a buffer
> cache problem, possible something having to do with the new buffer
> cache code?

Take a look at your kernel log messages. You may see some messages like

Jun 15 15:14:52 zeego kernel: Directory sread (sector 32) failed
Jun 15 15:14:52 zeego kernel: ll_rw_block: device 07:00: only 1024-char blocks
implemented (512)

Then try mounting your loopback device with an explicit setting of the
block size:

mount -t msdos -o loop,blocksize=1024 -r floppy /mnt

or for the ram disk

mount -t msdos -o blocksize=1024 -r /dev/ram /mnt

This allowed it to work for me.

Gordon Chaffee

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