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SubjectRe: PProbablem with 'make'
> Amazingly enough James M. Cassidy said:
> > I read the release notes with the libc upgrade and it says make might be
> > broke with the new dirent structure. I even tried recompiled make (Which I
> > mainly had to do by hand) but I still got the same errors from the new binary.
> Well, if you poke around on sunsite and tsx-11, you can find
> precompiled versions of make....
> Either way, you shouldn't have to do anything "by hand." Make
> comes with a method of building itself assuming you have no
> previous version of make.
> Are you sure you're running the new make you built and not the
> old one? Positive it got installed? Or you trying to run that
> one by copying the binary wherever you might need it? Run "which
> make" to see for sure. If you didn't install it, you're probably
> running the old version. Most systems either do not put current
> dir in the path, or make sure it's the last thing in the path, so
> unless you either do something like ./make or install the new
> one, you will run the old one.

I did make and I even moved the old binary to a new name.

> Outside of that, I've never had a problem.
> mrc
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> Mike Castle .-=NEXUS=-. Life is like a clock: You can work constantly
> and be right all the time, or not work at all
> and be right at least twice a day. -- mrc
> We are all of us living in the shadow of Manhattan. -- Watchmen

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