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SubjectRe: more make help
Jared Roberts wrote:
> > Perhaps the file "Changes" should be renamed to "READTHISFIRST"?
> >
> > Any ideas people?
> >
> Why not have a big banner message displayed on "make config", "make
> menuconfig" and "make xconfig" (and whatever else necessary), telling
> about the make bug, console change, and ps aux errors, as well as a
> reminder to RTFM, at the very least "Changes" and the relnotes for
> anything being upgraded before whining to us. Perhaps another
> alternative would be not to ever answer the question, but have them look
> it up themselves. That way, next time they'll always look around
> first...
> --Jared
We all tend to get trapped once in a while. I actually favor a more
sophisticated approach like is used in the PCMCIA distribution
configuration where they probe the running kernel then print messages
appropiate to the changes required since the running kernel to the
present one. This is very impressive to the first time user, and
provides an on the spot reminder to those of us who skip patches on
ocasion. I wish I could volunteer to provide this approach, but I'm
afraid I spend too much time on Linux by just following the Kernel
list an updating.

Hubert Bahr

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