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SubjectRe: more make help
Oops!! Thankyou for so gently pointing me towards the obvious. Although I
guess the question remains, just how obvious this solution will be to how
many people? I think I may have been "blinded" to linux/Documentation/ by
my use of 30-40 dev kernels, where the documentation was not neccessarily
in sync (i.e. I simply began to expect to see undocumented bugs). I think
a PROMINENT pointer to linux/Documentation/Changes from the top-level
README would help curtail (my) sort of inquiries- or indeed- a simple
"READTHISFIRST" at the top level might be most direct.

On Sat, 15 Jun 1996, Mark E. Levitt wrote:

> On Fri, 14 Jun 1996, Ethan Emeson wrote:
> > programmer (an absent symlink?)- Sorry.. But the moral of the story
> > highlights the need for a frequently updated FAQ covering "recent"
> > bugs/problems (I STILL see folks asking about the ps -aux floating point
> > exception!). Ethan
> I think this message highlights a problem that we are going to face
> more and more frequently as more people upgrade to 2.0
> Ethen, documentation for the make problem and the ps -aux problem
> ALREADY exists. It's in the directory,
> usr/src/linux/Documentation. Obviously, you and many other didn't
> see/read the file named Changes, which explains all the problems people
> may have when they upgrade.
> So, what can be done to make it clearer for people that they need to
> read this file? Ethen, what specifically would have made it clearer to
> you where this information was?
> Should the file be named something else? Is "Changes" too obscure?
> Should it be in the top level directory?
> Seriously, Ethan, what would have tipped you off to look at the file?
> Did you look in the Documentation directory?
> Perhaps the file "Changes" should be renamed to "READTHISFIRST"?
> Any ideas people?
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