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SubjectIdea for Default change in 2.0
Since 2.0 is the production kernel, could we make the following change?

In the networking configuration, change IP:Allow large windows from 'y' to
'n' so that those of us with smaller memory machines (yes I know that memory
is falling in cost but some of us still use small memory machines for some
stuff) don't have to always change it. Leave it 'y' in 2.1 but change it in
2.0 since all the next CD boot images will be based on 2.0

Or, am I totally wrong with thinking that since it isn't reccomended for
machines with less than 16M that it is a bad thing for machines with 4 and 8M?

And yes, I don't keep the cd boot image as my boot kernel for long (just long
enough for install and re-compile the kernel).


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